Having healthy skin is the first step to bright and glowing skin. 

It also depends on your lifestyle, your skincare, and your environment. While we can’t do much about your lifestyle and environment, we can adjust your skincare around them. 

SkinKraft’s customized products suit your skin characteristics and repair the effects of daily damage, enhancing the health of your skin.

  • Maintains the pH balance of your skin and do not strip your skin of essential oils 
  • Restores the skin’s natural barrier and enhance its moisture levels, making the skin soft and smooth from within 
  • Supply your skin with nourishment and essential nutrients

Here are a few tips to help improve the efficiency of your recommended SkinKraft regimen: 

  • Cleanse your face twice a day 
  • Wear sunscreen- with SPF 30 or more- every day, not just summer
  • Take off makeup at the end of the day 
  • Deal with acne as soon as they appear
  • Follow your recommended regimen, every day and be patient with the  products
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